Airplantvessel (ceramic)


Airplantman brings you the ‘AirplantVessel’ tabletop accent in handmade ceramic. Each one includes both a hand wired airplant and perfectly matched vessel selected from the best of our changing varieties.

The AirplantVessel gracefully suspends a sculptural airplant above unique ceramic base. These floating displays celebrate the unique ethereal quality of airplants and are perfect for a tabletop, desk, or windowsill. AirplantVessels are lightweight, low maintenance, and are available in three sizes that work well singly or as a group. To maintain, simply slide the airplant from the vessel using its hand wrapped wire holder and submerge both wire and airplant once a week for several hours. Includes hand wired airplant and vessel.

Designed by landscape architect Josh Rosen of Airplantman Designs.

  • Hand made ceramic celebrates slight irregularities and imperfections, it's what we think makes them so special
  • Handmade in California
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • supports sustainably grown airplants
  • portion of profits donated to airplant eco-system protection
Enter discount code airplantvessel for a 10% discount on orders of 3 or more


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AirplantVessel (ceramic)