Airplantvessel refresh plant


Add Ons

AirplantFrame booster plant kit +$45.00

The AirplantFrame booster kit includes 10-20 airplants of various species and sizes perfectly suited for the AirplantFrame vertical garden.

Airplants of the month club (4 months) +$275.00

Enjoy the excitement of a new box of 10-15 beautiful tillandsia arriving each month at your doorstop with this4-month subscription of hand-selected plants. Featuring a mix of species (blooming when available), this service keeps your living painting changing with each new shipment. 

Customers who previously purchased an AirplantVessels may order a replacement pre-wired airplant to refresh their display in all the sizes we offer.  We select species on the best of what is available. This is only available for Airplantman customers refreshing their vessel.


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AirplantVessel Refresh Plant