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Airplantframe (large)


Add Ons

AirplantFrame booster plant kit +$45.00

The AirplantFrame booster kit includes 10-20 airplants of various species and sizes perfectly suited for the AirplantFrame vertical garden.

Airplants of the month club (4 months) +$275.00

Enjoy the excitement of a new box of 10-15 beautiful tillandsia arriving each month at your doorstop with this4-month subscription of hand-selected plants. Featuring a mix of species (blooming when available), this service keeps your living painting changing with each new shipment. 

Airplantman Designs brings you ‘AirplantFrame’ - vertical gardening made simple.

Plant a picture with airplants and create living art without the mess of soil.  Made from powder coated aluminum and hand strung stainless steel cable, the patent pending AirplantFrame by Airplantman is the result of landscape architect Josh Rosen’s years of experimentation and expertise.  The AirplantFrame’s transparency allows light and air to pass through and is simple to hang anywhere, indoors or out, singly or in groups. Airplants are easy to secure or rearrange within the hand signed frame. Designed by landscape architect Josh Rosen of Airplantman Designs.

Includes 10 airplant starter kit.  To maintain, simply spray or submerge airplants while they remain in the waterproof frame.  See FAQ's for shipping info and plant care tips.  Multi-item discount of 10% with discount code airplantframe

  • Handmade in California
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • eco-friendly powder coat finish
  • supports sustainably grown airplants
  • portion of profits donated to airplant eco-system protection


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AirplantFrame (large)